“I personally love getting on the truck and exploring new and unique products. If it was not for that jobber truck, I never would have thought about using the Bold Madrasala Curry Chicken Breast, which is now used in our newest Curried Chicken Salad.”

Vagn Nielsen  |  Proof of the Pudding

Key Characteristics

  • On-premise or off-premise
  • Often times menu is determined by the ”event”
  • Needs product flexibility
  • Needs service flexibility

Buyer Profile (Owner/Operator)

Owner/operator or Executive Chef who has a passion for food and events

Product Decision Criteria

  • I need high quality products. Price is still important, but not if I sacrifice quality and yield.
  • My product usage levels vary every single week, based upon my event calendar. I can’t have a lot of left-over product.

Most Common Usages Of Boar’s Head Products

Bulk Meat | Bulk Cheese | Bacon | Charcuterie | Gourmet Cheese | Shredded Cheese | Condiments

Why Boar’s Head Brand Is Right For Me?

As we’ve discussed in retail grocery, as well as other foodservice and industry segments, Boar’s Head is more than a collection of the highest quality products around, it’s a premium branded selling platform. And, like those other categories, caterers can leverage our Brand to create distinction in a competitive, price-driven arena. We can work with you to create a fully-branded catering program, including packaging options, recipes and build-sheets, and assistance with marketing and promoting the Brand to your prospects and customers.

How Can Highland Provisions Co. Help Me?

  • Our service and distribution model is tailor made for the caterer that needs a great deal of ordering flexibility. We have no order minimums, and we break cases at no extra charge. This enables you to buy exactly what you need to your event requirements.
  • Plus, we can provide you ideas for: sandwiches, salads, centerplate, charcuterie, and more.
  • Lastly, we can provide you with branded packaging options for the finished product.

“I wish I knew how to quit you.” I’m ready for you guys to roll that fancy truck up to my shop.